Call for Papers: Indian Journal of Tax Law (IJTL)

[The following announcement is posted on behalf of the Indian Journal of Tax Law]
The Indian Journal of Tax Law (‘IJTL’) is a biannual journal dealing with taxation. The Journal is published by an independent organization of students from National Law University Odisha.
IJTL is India’s first student edited, peer reviewed law journal focusing on taxation. The journal is aimed towards enabling innovative academic research and discussion on issues in the given area.
The Journal calls for submissions of manuscripts on all areas of taxation of contemporary relevance from the body of legal academia, professionals within India and overseas, and students for Issue 1 of Volume III of the journal.
Details regarding the type of submissions, mode of submissions, relevant dates, style and format and publication conditions are available the journal’s website indicated below.
– Arka Saha (Editor in Chief) – 9439911516
– Akash Srinivasan (Managing Editor) -9731964765